China Sign Expo, SmileClouds exhibited as new technology at the China National Convention Centre

     Beijing International Advertising Trade Fair of New Media, New Technologies, New Equipment and New Materials (called Beijing Advertising "Four New" Exhibition, the official English name is China Sign Expo), has been the largest advertising exhibition in the North since its opening in 1994. Located in the capital of China, Beijing Advertising "Four New" Exhibition attracts more and more advertising professionals from around the world, and is to create a more international "grand meeting for advertising exchanges"! The seventeenth Beijing Advertising "Four New" Exhibition in 2010 was held at the National Convention Center. The magnificent National Convention Center is located in Beijing Olympic Park Center, which is close to the Bird's Nest, Water Cube and National Indoor Stadium, with a total land area of 12.22 hectares and a total construction area of about 530,000 square meters. National Convention Center is not only beautiful in appearance, but also achieved satisfactory effect in design and construction, as the largest single building of the Olympic project in line with the "Green Olympics, Scientific Olympics and Humanity Olympics" concept and requirements. Wonderful green and Environmental Design, a central vacuuming system, Beijing's first case of vacuum refuse collection systems, natural ventilation and the use of such a large number of new building materials set a good example for the green Convention and Exhibition Center of China. As an advertising media equipment representative, SmileClouds’s high technology, environmental protection, low power, novelty are in line with the concept pursuit of "Four New" Exhibition. And under the scrutiny mechanism at the National Convention Center, SmileClouds can successfully pass through the test, which has proved that it is worth the stringent requirements of quality by SmileClouds team. When such SmileClouds shaped in "2010" "4n" floated up at the National Convention Centre, it attracted many participating customers’ attention from around the world. So glad that SmileClouds functioned as highlight at the current “Four New” Exhibition.