Strawberry Music Festival bursting at the seams, the Tang Dynasty band brought the house down with the SmileClouds entertaining

     Strawberry Music Festival - the biggest music festival brand, held in Tongzhou, Beijing, with 132 actors at home and abroad took turns on stage and a three-day attendance of over 10 million people, is regarded as "the most successful music festivals in recent years" by the media ...

     2010 Beijing Strawberry Music Festival has created history of Music Festival in China. The festival, using an area of 110 thousand square meters, 6 stages, and with 132 actors at home and abroad participated, is a domestic music festival with the largest area, the most stages and the most actors all over the years. Domestic Corps include the Tang dynasty, Catcher in the Rye, Zeng Yike etc., and the international corps include Radio 4, Xiu Xiu from the United States and “Does it offend you” from the United Kingdom, the big three independent corps. Inspector Cluzo and Liquid Architecture from French, Reptile + Retard and Boys Climbing Rope from Denmark and Monokino from Netherlands also have considerable influence in their respective fields. SmileClouds was honored to be selected as a partner of Strawberry Music Festival, and took this chance to perform as expected. Along with the musical rhythms on the stage, various shapes of SmileClouds floating to the air drew bursts of cheers and yells, and the atmosphere is pushed along HIGH point. People continued to flock to the SmileClouds maker, many hands stretched out with the desire to grasp these wonderful SmileClouds for a look. Cameras were raised from all sides, flash light interwoven with the click. Now SmileClouds also was treated like a star.