7 years’ Carnival of Taobao at the West Lake, cheers up by the SmileClouds entertaining

     Taobao, the largest B2C platform in Asia, which has 145 million registered members as at June, 2009, and realized the annual turnover of RMB99.96 billion, is the largest network retail business district in Asia...

     On Taobao’s 7 years’ anniversary, the Hangzhou Government and Alibaba Group jointly held a grand birthday party by the West Lake for the well-known e-commerce site in China. Tens of thousands of “Tao” friends from all parts of the country gathered there, reflecting the younger generation’s strong appeal power in China. Variety of live activities, such games as "Who is of better type", "ants steal food," drew bursts of laughter. The main stage is the center of Taobao’s anniversary, and the atmosphere is so fantastic with many stars coming on the scene by turns. As the mysterious highlights of this event, SmileClouds was laden with a lot of expectations. And definitely SmileClouds could cut the buck for its excellent quality. When Huang Kunming, the secretary of Hangzhou municipal Party committee and Ma Yun, president of Alibaba started up the ceremony activities, SmileClouds of " TAO "" BAO "shape slowly rose on both sides of the stage, which was extremely eye-catching against the background of color smoke. When 20 pairs of bride and groom came onto the stage, and when Ma Yun began to perform their marriage ceremony, along with the wedding march, SmileClouds maker produced countless "heart" shaped SmileClouds on behalf of love floating to the air. Such romantic scene attracted girls’ envy besides. Imaginary SmileClouds also attracted several press and TV media’s attention, who ran towards SmileClouds makers for interview immediately after the leadership left. In the following activities, SmileClouds maker produced SmileClouds of other shapes, Taobao mascot, like "Taobao Wizard," "Ant Angels" and "Live!". The crowd rushed to capture this rare scene with their cameras. Along with the splendid performances at night, SmileClouds maker produced SmileClouds of shapes such as "moon" "stars" from time to time, just rightly presenting the atmosphere. 2 days’ excellent performance of SmileClouds has received the recognition and praise from the general director of this event, perfectly completed the mission of this trip to Hangzhou.