Mamonde's New BB Cream Release Conference, Taste cloudlike mellow feelings

     Mamonde, a famous cosmetic brand in Korean, which is derived from a French word “Mamonde”, Ma (My) + monde (the world), meaning "my world", is a brand born for women in pursuit of ultimate tender beauty in the world of themselves...

     Mamonde, a famous brand owned by Korea Amore Pacific Group, held a grand new product release conference for the new multi-effective BB Cream in Beijing Ziyu Mountain Villa. The brand’s professional products, professional dedication and the exquisite scene of the conference enjoyed the media. The mission of the SmileClouds was to make Mamonde’s "BB" logo floating to the sky, which executed romance and delicacy superbly. Unexpectedly, SmileClouds’s pioneering undertaking not only catch the guests’ attention, but also aroused the childlike innocence of a group of social elites including the director of marketing, who walked towards the SmileClouds maker one after another trying to get it with their hands and took photos for remembrance.