Bank of Beijing Cup "Fun of Fishing" TV Challenge, SmileClouds symbolized a leisurely and carefree mood

     Bank of Beijing is a newly joint-stock commercial bank, with the comprehensive strength among the forefront of banking sector in China. It is selected by the British “Banker” as one of the top 1000 large banks in the world and ranks No. 61 of the top 300 banks in Asia...

     Bank of Beijing Cup "Fun of Fishing" TV Challenge officially opened in Baichen Ecological Park. In modern society, with the rapidly developing of the economy, as the financial expert of the social elites, Bank of Beijing highly recommends people’s financial management by experts so as to leave more leisure time for customers and stresses on a more comfortable life. In this concept, with the moral "make life leisurely like clouds", responding to this theme, SmileClouds maker produced SmileClouds shaped in “渔”“乐”“对”“对”“碰” slowly floating to the air. The flickering floating SmileClouds in the sky attracted the audience's attention. They all run towards the SmileClouds makers, looking, asking, touching, taking photos.... Due to the chaos caused by the crowd, SmileClouds had to suspend once. Then the crowd gradually spread under the persuasion of the staff. Just have a look around, SmileClouds floated upwards, the audience laughed, the representatives of Bank of Beijing laughed, people of SmileClouds also laughed, such joyful life as life should be.