COFCO 2010 Carnival, magical "606" shaped SmileClouds floating in the sky

     COFCO, the largest Cereals, Oils& Foodstuff Import and Export company and powerful food manufacturer, which is also successfully engaging in other fields such as the real estate, hotel management, and financial services, has been listed consecutively by "Fortune" magazine as one of the Global Top 500 companies ...

     With "Carnival celebrations, link you and me" as its theme, COFCO (HK: 0606) 2010 Carnival, was successfully held at Chaoyang Sports Center in Beijing. More than 5,000 people involving guests from the SASAC, the leadership of the board of supervisors, the group leader, the majority of COFCO workers and their family members as well as the athletes participated in this event. The large scale of the Carnival, the large number of people and the new project has created a new history of cultural activities in COFCO. SmileClouds, as a mysterious bright spot of the opening ceremony, progressed to the podium following the Harmony Train “606”. As specially required in this activity, SmileClouds makers must produce SmileClouds floating upwards when moving, which is a technical challenge for a SmileClouds maker. Fortunately, SmileClouds fully verified itself this time for its long-time advanced, rigorous R&D and manufacturing advantages. As the world's first fully automatic SmileClouds maker, was still able to work with scheduled procedure without a man watching. The dense sensors in SmileClouds maker accurately ensured the quality of the SmileClouds it produced even when moving. What is more worthy mentioning is SmileClouds’s low power consumption design, which made the SmileClouds maker work properly when moving on the condition of only using the battery for the power. SmileClouds’s leading and mature technology was highly appreciated by the leadership of COFCO, which made SmileClouds people very proud and glad.