Elite Model Look in China opened, SmileClouds Cheered for the Future Star

     Elite Model Look is the world's largest model event, which is organized by the world's most famous Elite Group in France every year ...

     Elite Model Look, as the best known, the most extensive and the most influential international model competition, has discovered super stars such as Cindy Clover, Claudia Schiffer, Naomi Campbell, Tatjana Patitz, Baleiliya Martha and so on. The opening ceremony of 2010 Elite Model Look China Finals was held in the International Summit Club in Beijing, one of the most luxurious top clubs, with its members including the UK Christine Prince Michael, Caroline (the Princess of France), Henrik (Prince of Denmark) and so on. In such an important occasion, SmileClouds’s excellent performance was definitely expected. SmileClouds makers were located in both sides of the main stage. One SmileClouds maker was to create "elite" logo shaped SmileClouds, and the other was to create a romantic atmosphere. When the models stepped down the ladder in full dress, countless small stars floated upward in the lobby of the club. Graceful dancing of the SmileClouds silhouetted against the models’ graceful pace and along with the elegant French music, as if these models came from the clouds. How beautiful and fascinating. When the opening ceremony of colored earth started, SmileClouds makers timely raised "elite" shaped SmileClouds. Those white, shiny SmileClouds perfectly interpreted noble classics of "Elite". It is SmileClouds’ honor to serve the world's most famous model contest as the world's most advanced SmileClouds maker, which is also the trust from the organizer. SmileClouds sincerely hope that these beautiful girls can finally go through Elite to the procession of the world's top models.